Cancellation and interruption insurance

Book with complete peace of mind by subscribing to our cancellation and interruption insurance. Everything is guaranteed, except the change of mind!


The contract provides for:

– Reimbursement of cancellation fees in the event of contracting the Covid19 disease, positive screening, and proven Covid contact;

– Covering the cancellation costs in the event of denied boarding following a temperature measurement during transport (plane, station, boat, etc.);

– Assistance services covering, in particular, accommodation costs related to a fortnight, repatriation following flight cancellation, payment of medical costs, medical repatriation of the insured, medical teleconsultation services, etc.

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Cancellation insurance
  • Cancellation of stay
  • Late arrival
  • Interruption of stay
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Forgotten an object
  • COVID 19 guarantee